My Story


I'm Luke Bergeron, 21 years old. I'm from Marrero, Louisiana, right outside of New Orleans. I was pretty much raised on the water; My dad (Capt. Buddy Bergeron) is a fishing guide in Venice, LA and has a camp in Port Sulphur, LA. Being a fisherman's son I learned to fish and love the outdoors at a very young age. During my high-school sophomore year, I wrote a complete business plan for charter fishing. Ever since then I knew what I wanted to do - start my own business. Ideas of charter fishing, rental property, bait/tackle stores, etc. were constantly swimming in my head and I would always get distracted in class because I would draw so much. My entire math book was full of fishing designs. It wasn’t until my senior year that the idea/realization of starting a clothing business even occurred to me. I wanted to draw a redfish symbolizing rod/reel and bow-fishing, and then somehow incorporate it into the business plan I had already drawn up. And that’s exactly what I did - but not without hitting a few bumps first. 

At 3:30am on February 27, 2014, I was rushed to the hospital showing signs of extreme thirst and weakness, blurred vision, abdominal pain, etc. Turns out, my insulin levels were practically running on empty and my body couldn’t handle it. So, a mere week before my 18th birthday, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes.

It was a big change in my life. No more skittles. No more pop-tarts. No more candy… But, as much as I knew I was going to miss it, I also knew it was something I had to accept. After all, the sweetest things in life can’t be found inside a candy wrapper.
It was during that weeklong stay in the hospital that, after hours of drawing, I finally finished my design for the original logo, and the name came to me right away: Dead Reds Unlimited. I later had them both copyrighted and trademarked and built this website myself (so, by all means, feel free to explore!)

Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure yet for Diabetes, but it is something you can manage and live with - and there was never a doubt in my mind that I would let it stop me from doing what I love to do.

And this is it.



We are a fairly new company, so as of right now I am donating a percentage of my sales after each show to the American Diabetes Association. My plan as the company grows is to donate a percentage of overall sales quarterly. Help us grow by making a purchase on our website! Thanks and God bless.


Luke Bergeron, CEO 
Dead Reds Unlimited